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The LJ Fan/Fiction Masterlist v2

Moving in-progess from the front-page (I wanted to tidy stuff up).

O R I G I N A L  F I C:
Untitled (young!Abraham Lowe, G)
Untitled (young!Abraham Lowe, G)
Untitled (Abraham Lowe, PG-13 for swearing and some violence)

F I C T I O N   CL A I M S:

30_wounds - Fight Club - Jack/Tyler [table]
drabble123 - LOST - Jacob/Esau [table]
100_tales - multifandom [table]
31days_exchange - multifandom [masterlist] (2011) incomplete ;__;

T HE   L J   F A N F I C T I O N   M A S T E R L I S T:

Incomplete, I didn't save all my LJ fic to my memories so I'm still looking for some pieces. Links are either to LJ posts or Contains yaoi and adult content. For more fanfic, please see my FFN account.

Vaguely ordered by pairing/character.

The Road Is Long (Zuko/Aang, G)
Keep Your Enemies Closer (Zuko/Sokka/Zuko, R)

This Moment (Byakuya/Ichigo, G)
[Untitled] (Byakuya/Rukia, G)
Fight Toy (Kenpachi/Byakuya, PG-13)
Unattainable {Ikkaku/Keigo, PG)
School Blues [Companion piece to "Unattainable"] (Ikkaku/Keigo, PG)
Ikkaku Likes The Toons (Ikkaku/Keigo, G)
The Hero In You (Ikkaku/Keigo, G)
An Awkward Conversation (Stark + Lilinette, PG) Bleach_contest winner -- week 11
The Perfect Match (Ikkaku + Houzukimaru, PG) Bleach_contest winner -- week 12
What Lies Beneath (Grimmjow/Ulquiorra, PG-13)
Winter's Child (Ichigo/Hitsugaya, PG)
The Melting Frost (Ichigo/Hitsugaya, NC-17) [Gift fic]

The Greater Good (Walt, Jesse, Jane, PG-13 for dark themes)
Go Down (Walt, PG, futurefic)
Never To Be Told (Skyler, G)

And so it begins (Merlin, bb!Arthur, gen)
A new day (Merlin, bb!Arthur, gen)

Desire, Damnation (Roland + Jake, PG)
Denial (Roland/Jake, G)
Weapons Make The Man (Roland, Jake, Eddie, Susannah, G)

Where Do We Begin? (young Bruce Wayne/young Joker, AU, PG)
[Untitled] (The Joker, G)

lost but not found (alt!charlie/olivia, G)

we float like a mote of dust (Dany/Jorah, G)


Richard & Ben:
Lullaby (Richard, young!Ben, G, gen)
Now I'm Found (platonic Richard/young!Ben, PG)
Nightcap (Richard, young!Ben, G, gen)
Distractions (Richard, young!Ben, G, gen)
A Happy Accident (Richard, young!Ben, G, gen)
Rough Parenting (Richard, young!Ben, G, gen)
Fear the Unknown (Richard, young!Ben, G, gen)
The Sacrifice (Richard, young!Ben, G, angst)

Only Skin-Deep (Esau/Richard, G)
[Untitled] (Esau/Richard, PG)

Post-finale AU - Esau, Richard, + others:
The Chains That Bind Us (Richard, Esau, finale!AU gen/implied slash?)
Restart (Richard, Esau, finale!AU, gen, companion to The Chains That Bind Us)
Where you go, I follow (Richard,Ilana, Esau, finale!AU, gen/het)
The HIdden (Esau/Richard, implied past Jacob/Esau, PG-13)
Hands (Esau/Ilana, implied Esau/Richard and Richard/Ilana, PG-13)
Movement (Richard, Esau, G)
Fun (Richard, Esau, G)

Jacob & Esau
Opposites (Jacob/Esau, PG/PG-13) winner: Best First Fic @lost_fic_awards april 2010
They Are Gone (And I Am Left) (Esau, G, gen/angst)
The Island of Dr Jacob (Jacob, Esau/Samuel, AU, futurefic)
Ashes to Ashes (Jacob, Esau, PG13)
Far Away (kid!Jacob, kid!Esau, G)
Red (kid!Jacob, kid!Esau, G)

Western AU - Jacob & Esau
Sunrise (Jacob, G, gen)
Flashback (Esau, G, gen)
Sky (Esau, G, gen)
Love (Esau, G, gen)
Eating (Esau, G, gen)

Jacob & Richard:
Call It Progress (Richard, Jacob, PG)
Captivity (Richard + mentioned Jacob, G, gen)

[Untitled] (Jack, Hurley, AU, G, gen)
New (Esau, Aaron, AU, G, gen)

Promises to Keep (Kakashi/Rin, PG)
The Ultimate Weapon/No Going Back (Kakashi, Tsunade, PG-13)
We Were Friends Once (Hokage!Kakashi/Tobito, AU, PG-13)
An Unlikely Hero [LJ version]| [Extended FFN version] (Kakashi, Minato, PG?)
Everything You Hoped For (Kakashi/Naruto, R) [Gift fic]
Remembered (Kakashi/Naruto, PG-13)
Commencement (Itachi, Tobito!Madara, implied Itachi/Sasuke, PG) Naruto100 winner -- theme: enemies
Playing with Fire (Jinchuuriki!Kakashi, AU, PG)

Devoured (Naruto, Sasuke, R)
[Untitled] (Kakashi/Naruto, G)

Friends Make The Best Company (Clark/Lex, G)

Treasure the little things (WW!verse, Link, Aryll)
Intermission (WW!verse, Link, Medli)
Monsoon (SS!verse, Link, Fi)
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