there are no clean getaways (raikune) wrote,
there are no clean getaways


in other news one my young cats got run over a couple of days ago, I'm very sad and bitter about it, I don't know why people can't just fuck off and let me grieve for my beloved Ginny instead of asking whether I'm "feeling ok now" like it takes only 48hrs to get over the death of a pet, clearly animals just aren't as important as people are. Clearly. This had to happen like a week before my birthday too. If I could stab to death every person who's run over a cat of mine, I would. I'd gladly go to jail for that, idgaF.

on a somewhat lighter note, idk why some people in the Breaking Bad tag are disappointed about the Saul Goodman spinoff, it boggles the mind. How can MORE of Saul Goodman/Bob Odenkirk be a BAD THING? Oh but apparently it "cheapens the show" and "Saul's only good in small doses".

Well bitches I will be sitting back enjoying my sleazy lawyer dramedy with awesomesauce Bob Odenkirk and you can just keep fucking whining how AMC never gives its fans anything. DIS GON B GUD.

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